James Dakin (Deakin) (1827-1883)

James was born in Castleton in Derbyshire in 1827, the youngest of 4 children born to ropemaker William Dakin (1794-1830) and Ann Needham (1800-1834). William and Ann had lost their first two children within a year of their birth; James (1816) and Martha (1818).

James married Sarah Ann Nelson in Yorkshire in 1856 and they had one child, Mary. Sarah Ann died only 3 years later and James remarried. Mary was subsequently brought up by her Grandmother Ann Barber and can be seen as living with Ann and her husband John in the 1861 and 1871 census records.

James had a most unusual cause of death. He was bitten by a dog in a local village and contracted rabies. The cause of death was Hydrophobia which, in relation to rabies, is described as follows;  a set of symptoms of the later stages of an infection, in which the victim has difficulty swallowing, shows panic when presented with liquids to drink, and cannot quench his or her thirst.

Date Event Comments
1827 Born Castleton, Derbyshire to William Dakin and Ann Needham
1830 Death Father William Dakin dies
1841 Census Miner aged 14. Living in Castleton with miner John Barber, his remarried mother Ann Barber, and his two sisters Elizabeth and Mary.
1851 Census Location unknown
1856 Married Sarah Ann Nelson, Sheffield
1856 Birth Daughter Mary born 08.02.1856
1859 Death Sarah Ann dies
1860 Married Marriage to Isabella Ibbotson, Bradfield, Yorkshire
1861 Census Lead Miner, Lodging with Isabella’s family at 2 Bents Cottages, Bradfield, Yorkshire
1871 Census Lead Miner, 5 Bents Cottages, Bradfield, Yorkshire
1881 Census Lead Miner, Island, Castleton, with a lodger Henry Green, Lead Miner
1883 Died Aged 57 from rabies caught when bitten by a dog at Hollow Meadows, a small hamlet between Bamford and Sheffield.
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