Family Businesses in Blackpool

At the turn of the 20th Century many of the Dakin family in Blackpool ran businesses or were self employed. They all lived and worked in a very small area of South Shore.

Bond Street which cuts through Rawcliffe Street, Dean Street and Withnell Street was originally called Church Street. Alfred and Edward Dakin both had shops on this street and James had a workshop on Moore Street (with Jim Porter), just off Dean Street.

I found some evidence of these businesses on the excellent website  The following images are taken from that site and are copyright that site.

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  1. trevor fleming

     /  September 24, 2011

    Hi Mat my name is Trevor Fleming i live in the UK south London to be more precise . I have recently come across a book titled GODS IN THE MAKING MAN AND THE LAW OF CONTINUITY by T.Mawby Cole ANDREW DAKERS LIMITED LONDON 1939. The thing that i think you will be interested in is on the first page it has a note and i quote Hugh selbourne with sincere appreciation of an enriching friendship Christmas 1940 William Brandwood.If you would like to see a photo please let me know yours sincerely T.Fleming


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