John Fisher Dakin (1844-1926)

John was born on the 2nd of June 1844 at Cherry Mount Lodge, Clough Lane, Eccleshall
Bierlow, near Sheffield. He was the first child of Samuel and Sarah Dakin. Samuel
was employed as a Coachman. Fisher came from his mothers maiden name; Sarah Fisher.

The 1851 census finds him living with his parents at Cherry Tree Hill, Eccleshall
Bierlow. At the age of 17 he is living, as a boarder, with an Edward Jolly and
family at 17 Bolton Street, Blackpool. There are four other boarders living with the
Jolly’s at this time and all are either painters or joiners. John’s occupation is
Joiner. It is here that he will have met his future wife, Ann Jolly, then aged 24.

John married Ann Richmond Jolly on the 23rd Jan 1866 in Blackpool. Ann was 3 months
pregnant at the time. The wedding certificate states that he was a carpenter. William
Jolly and James Tuner were witnesses.

Their first son Edward Samuel was born on the 20th June 1866, soon to be followed by
Sarah Jane in 1867. The 1871 census finds all four living at 9 Victoria Terrace,
South Shore, Blackpool. Three more sons arrive whilst living at Victoria terrace.
Alfred Jolly (b.04.10.1871), John William (b.08.01.1873), and James Richard

Some time in the next 6 years they moved to a bigger property, 2 Rawcliffe Street,
right on the sea front. In 1861 Ann’s brother William is also lodging with the
family and they have a servant, Alice Farmer. By 1891 Edward hs moved out and they
have a new servant, Mary Linguard.

2 Rawcliffe Street then

2 Rawcliffe Street now
By 1911, John and Ann had downsized and bought a smaller property at 62 Dean
Street, though Sarah Jane and John William, neither of which married, still live
with them.

John died on the 4th May 1926 at Dean Street, at the age of 81. His death certifcate
gives the cause of arteris sclerosis and myocardial degeneration. John William was
present at the death. A copy of his will is featured on another article.

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