Hilda Dakin (1906-1991)

Hilda was born on the 5th May 1906 in Blackpool to James and Ellen Dakin. On the premature death of her parents she and her younger brother Frank were taken in by their spinster Aunt Sarah Jane at 62 Dean Street, South Shore.

Hilda, deeply religious, worked as a milliner (presumably with Alfred Jolly) and like her Aunt remained a spinster. On the death of her Aunt in 1933 she inherited the property and converted it into several flats. This income enabled her to take early retirement and devote the rest of her life to the church (Holy Trinity). Brother Franks mother in law, Jane Harriet Dewhirst (Janet) when a widow took the front ground floor flat living there for many years until her death.

Michael Dakin recalls many visits throughout the 1950s to his grandmother Janet. This usually included a visit to Hilda’s bedsit; a dark and austere Victorian room with a large pictures of religious content. In those days Weetabix printed the component parts of a car or lorry on the back of their boxes to be cut out and glued together. Hilda collected the boxes to amuse Michael during his visits.

As children older siblings Peter, Shirley and Carolyn have less fond memories of Hilda because of her extreme piety. On visits to their home she would destroy comics and anything she thought of low intellectual content.

With Peter and Shirley

In the 1980’s, when friend and companion Maggie Black became ill, Hilda sold 62 Dean Street and moved to Airdrie where suitable treatment for her friend was available. She lived at 30 Cairnhill Road.

During the 80’s, and after the death of Maggie, Hilda had 3 or 4 short holidays at Morland with her nephew Michael and his wife Diana. Michael visited her at Cairnhill Road twice, the latest time for her funeral.

When she died most of her assets were bequeathed to the Bible Society, but Michael was given the high back stool made by her father James and the sum of £2000.

She died on the 18th Jan 1991 and is interred at New Monkland Ryden Main Cemetery, Glenmavis.

Hilda and Maggie’s Headstone

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